Common Customer Questions

TG-Tracker™ developers focused on autonomy and performance. Software runs in the background and can be controlled directly from the website. After a client specifies a phone number or a @username of a target, The software initiates an attack on cellular protocol called SS7 (Signaling System № 7).

In case you came up with some questions or encountered issues, please contact Customer Support Team.

What guarantees are provided to customers?

TG-Tracker™ administration guarantees each client that corresponding fees will be written off his balances only after a copy of a target account history becomes available for downloading as an archive data packet. Since the software performance is out of question for us, we decided to stop taking prepayments.

What kind of special offers are available to customers?

Please follow to the Pricing section, for the full list of bonus offers and promotions. You'll also find there info on conditions of participation in these bonus offers and promotions. TG-Tracker™ offers an Affiliate Program as well. Its members are credited bonus points for promoting this software.

How does this software work?

All offered functions and capabilities are based on algorithms that exploit a well-known vulnerability of SS7 protocol (Signaling System № 7). TG-Tracker™ monitors traffic generated by a mobile operator and intercepts systems messages containing verification codes required to authorize a target account on a new device. It should be noted that all the processes are automated and do not require any interference. To get more info about applied solutions, follow to the Technical Documentation.

I can't enter the website. What should I do?

Please use a VPN program, to avail all the functions. Some ISPs and web browsers perceive TG-Tracker™ as a malicious resource, so it's advisable to encrypt traffic using some kind of special-purpose software.

How to prepare a target device before launching the session?

Since there's no need in additional presenting a target device, you can launch TG-Tracker™ anytime you want. Just go to our website, authorize your profile, specify a target phone number or a @username and start monitoring. This procedure doesn’t affect both a target device and the Telegram app it runs.

What are the system requirements for running TG-Tracker™?

One of key advantages has to offer is the fact that it boasts of minimal system requirements. To ensure the system operates smoothly, you just need to establish a reliable Internet connection and upgrade your browser to the latest version.

What does a client receive after successfully hacking a target Telegram account?

After successfully authorizing a target account on a new device, TG-Tracker™ starts exporting an archive with user files, which contains the following: subscriber's messages (including secret chat), log of incoming/outgoing calls, GPS coordinates of current location, received/transmitted media files, and lists of Telegram contacts and channels. The size of this file package can exceed 3 GB.

How safe is it to download a generated archive?

Before a client receives a notification that an archive is generated and ready for being downloaded, this package with user files undergoes a comprehensive scan for detecting malicious attachments. Therefore, downloading it is 100% safe.

How to pay for TG-Tracker services™?

To replenish your Dashboard balance, please choose one of supported methods listed in the pricing section.

How to access a target Telegram account unnoticed by its owner?

Please note that monitoring any target account is by default a stealthy process. So there is no need to take any additional precautions meant to "disguise" your intentions. It's also important to note that a target account owner won't receive any notifications indicating some kind of external interference.

Is it lawful to use SS7 exploit?

TG-Tracker™ is a fully-functional alternative to a standard Telegram feature that allows its users regaining access to lost accounts. It was designed to facilitate transferring a target account to a new device in case of SIM card loss. That's why it is 100% lawful to use the software.

How often can one order Telegram account hackings with TG-Tracker™?

Due the highest data throughput capacity, clients can use the software as many times as they want. There are no restrictions in this regard.