TG-Tracker™: Access to a Target Subscriber's Profile History

Allows Downloading an Archive with User Files

1 :General Information

Various gadgets have already blended into all aspects of our lives one way or another and are here to stay. Now, it's difficult to imagine a life worth living without using electronic devices. But mobile phones stand out against this electronic background. They neutralise distance-related issues during communication. Cellular communication allows persons form different parts of the world separated by several thousand kilometres to communicate with each other fluently. And messengers made long-range communication even more convenient and accessible.

Messengers are special apps capable of the following: sending instant text messages, making audio and video calls, exchanging media files, etc. Most messengers allow creating group chats and videoconferencing.

Telegram is a cross-platform app for exchanging messages and various media files. It supports all major operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.). Telegram boasts of active user base exceeding 200 million. It's based on proprietary closed-source backend. Telegram uses servers and storage systems provided by American and German companies.

2 : Telegram Features and Capabilities

Telegram is considered one of the world's most protected messengers. This high-tech software provides users with maximal anonymity and confidentiality. It's very convenient for end-users. In terms of functionality, Telegram is way ahead of many other similar apps. Protocol messages sent to its network are encrypted with AES with a key that is known to both client and server. Moreover, it uses cryptographic hash algorithms SHA-1 and MD5.

Key functions and features offered by Telegram app:

  1. Sending and receiving text, voice and video messages
  2. End-to-end encryption of dialogs (secret chat)
  3. Creating user groups that can include up to 200,000 participants
  4. All important messages can be saved in a separate tab (cloud)
  5. Support of public channels being an important communication tool

Telegram is a very popular tool for communicating. Its audience is growing every day. In the coming years this app may get the lead in terms of active user base, according to experts' predictions. Telegram is used to send messages, make calls and share files. The question becomes increasingly relevant: How to hack Telegram?

3 : Methods of Hacking Telegram

Maximising confidentiality and anonymity is a key factor to be considered when choosing a tool for transferring information. Messenger developers use advanced cyber security technologies to facilitate user data protection. But they are no match for hackers constantly searching for vulnerabilities in messenger apps.

There are a few methods of Telegram hacking. But when it comes to really effective methods, there are next to nothing of them. Telegram developers were partially able to foresee hackers' actions sidelining them. In 90% cases, attempts to find a weak point in Telegram security system end in nothing. Therefore, it is wiser to use only relevant and time-proven Telegram hacking tools.

TG-Tracker™ is a high-tech tool for hacking Telegram remotely. It exploits the vulnerability of SS7 protocol (Signaling System № 7) used by mobile operators. The software automatically intercepts a system message with an authorization code and accesses a target profile. As a result, client gets a downloadable archive with user files containing the entire profile history.

4 : Two-Factor Authentication Issue

At sign-up, each Telegram account is bound to a phone number. This step is mandatory. It’s meant to simplify account recovery and facilitate security. After processing a recovery request, system automatically sends an SMS message with an authorization code to a profile-bound number. It is enough to specify this character set in a special form to log into such profile on a new device.

It may seem strange, but the weakest link in Telegram security system is this two-factor authentication mechanism itself. There is no point in blaming Telegram developers for this, since the responsibility rests entirely upon the shoulders of mobile providers who simply ignore this issue.

TG-Tracker™, which is managed using a web-interface, monitors traffic generated by a mobile operator and intercepts an SMS with a verification code granting access to a target profile. The whole procedure is automated. It is enough to specify a phone number or a @username of your target subscriber to activate the software.

5 : SS7 (Signaling System № 7) Protocol Issue

Cellular protocol was developed more than 40 years ago. Only a few minor updates were introduced into its mechanisms. Back when it was launched, this protocol was considered to be well protected. Some experts even declared it unbreakable. But the advent of mobile communication has pushed hackers to search for new methods of gaining access to confidential information. As a result, they found an exploit related to SS7 protocol.

SS7 (Signaling System № 7) is a set of signal telephone protocols that are used for configuring almost all telephone base stations around the world. This system is based upon both analog and digital channels for data transmission. This very fact makes SS7 very vulnerable. Due to the vulnerability of SS7 protocol, even the most secure smartphones apps can't provide absolute data privacy. As practice shows, special tools and equipment allow wiretapping subscribers' calls and intercepting their messages.

To launch the session you need to specify a phone number or a @username of a target subscriber. TG-Tracker™ analyses mobile traffic and detects an SMS message containing an authorization code. Thanks to this character set one can transfer a target account to a Telegram app emulator and gain access to its history.

6 : Telegram App Emulator

Software for emulation developed by experts behind TG-Tracker™ serves as a new device and temporary data storage. A target profile is transferred to it. Next, an archive with user files is generated for subsequent downloading using Dashboard.

Archive sections contents:

  1. Text messages (including secret chat)
  2. GPS coordinates of current location
  3. Media files transferred using Telegram app
  4. Contact list of a Telegram user and channels
  5. Log of incoming and outgoing audio calls
  6. Content posted in private channels and groups

7 : Software Features

TG-Tracker™ is a standalone service. It can operate with minimal client involvement.

System Requirements:

  • - An Internet-enabled device
  • - One of major browsers updated to a current version
  • - Sufficient disk space.

Advantages of our software:

  • - Algorithm stability and promptness
  • - Compatibility with all major device types (smartphones, tablets, PCs)
  • - All processes are automated and do not require client interventions.

8 : Conclusion

TG-Tracker™ is one of the world's most effective Telegram hacking tool . It was developed based on cutting-edge technologies. Web-application boasts of built-in algorithms for detecting and exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol. It provides clients with access to a target account history. A large number of positive reviews are the best evidence of its performance.