TG-Tracker™ Description and its Features

Our designed Software is the best solution for hacking Telegram accounts remotely. It exploits the vulnerability of SS7 protocol used by cellular networks. Online spy tool is based on advanced monitoring technologies aiming at traffic generated by cellular operators. TG-Tracker™ boasts of high fault tolerance. Its success rate exceeds 85%. To activate this Telegram spy, a client needs only to specify a target phone number in international format or a @username. This web-tool will intercept an SMS containing an authorization code required to run a target profile on a new device. An intercepted code is used for authorizing Telegram app on an emulator. After a target account history is fully restored, an archive with user files will be generated. It will contain correspondence (including secret chat), journal of audio and video calls, sent/received files, saved contacts with photos, GPS coordinates of current location and private channels. To download this archive, you may need over 1 GB of free disk space. Please ensure you have a fast enough Internet connection. File packages are available for downloading within 24 hours after being generated. The monitoring process is 100% confidential. Due to advanced data protection tools, the risk of confidential information leakage is completely excluded.